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Looking for Constructors


New department „Construction“ at the IPK Since Januar 2019 we have had 3 classes ( Senior 4 - 6 ) in this area with a total of 109 students in the field of construction. The [...]



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One Tree On TV


One Tree per Child Projekt A TV-team in Kirinda? Things like rarely happened so far. During the distribution of about 3600 trees to the secondary school [...]

Agricola – The Farmer I


Yummi Since April 2010 JMfA e.V. (Young People for Africa) is participating in the project: "The School Garden Initiative". Under the professional guidance of the Rwanda School [...]

Agricola – The Farmer II


ISMAP The project "IPK School Modern Agriculture Project (ISMAP)" was established at the IPK Secondary School in spring 2015. The main focus of this project concentrates [...]

The Basket Makers


Baskets Full of Ideas Origin The vannerie club in Kirinda exists already since 1986. 56 women founded a cooperative to do bast crafting. The majority of [...]

The Banana Project


Don't go bananas Last year the first phase of our banana project could successfully be completed and the second phase could be started. During this second [...]

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We support disadvantaged people, especially women and children without parents, in Rwanda to enable them to live a more self-determined life.