The Tailors

The new academic year for the tailor’s apprenticeship started in January 2016.

50 people applied for the jobs but we had only space to train 10-12 women and men. So we had again to make a choice amongst the applicants this year and 18 young women started on February 2th with their education.

From last year’s course, 14 students successfully finished their sewing education. Nine of them already paid back the credits for their sewing machines. All students, as well as the two teachers (Clementine and Françoise), get a weekly English lesson from Dianah Samanya, the JMfA (Young People for Africa) English teacher.


In the tailor’s studio in Kirinda young men and women are trained for free as tailors. Two female tailors from Kirinda teach them how to use the sewing machines and how to pattern and make own clothes.

For one year the young people attend lessons every Monday to Friday from 8 am to 2 pm to learn and practise the use of sewing machines, paper patterns and their transfer to cloths. Bags, school uniforms, different kinds of clothing and many more handmade articles belong to the product range they have to fulfil.

The aim of the traineeship is to provide the basis for their own livelihood for all graduates from Kirinda and the surroundings.

Support by JMfA (Young people for Africa)

JMfA is sponsoring the purchase of sewing machines to the students. However, half of the purchase price is only granted as a loan which the students have to pay back to JMfA from their income as a tailor.

In addition, JMfA takes over the rent for the room where the education takes place.

And JMfA has been supporting so far all graduates by ordering hand-made bags which are sold on Christmas markets and bazaars in Germany.