The English Club

Again the English Club of the I.P.K. performed their popular theatre production at the end of the academic year for the complete school society. The performance consisted of a debate, sketches, dances, and music. The event took place in cooperation with the English Club of ESI, the secondary school in Shyembe, and was a huge success.

The I.P.K. English Club meets 3 times a week after the end of the lessons from 5 pm to 6 pm. It is a voluntary get-together of students from different educational levels who want to improve their English knowledge by studying together with the English teacher and the volunteers of JMfA (Young people for Africa). Activities in the English Club comprise reading texts and articles, practising vocabulary, leading debates, and performing plays.

Last year the local state-run secondary school, the 9 Years Basic Education, started their own English Club. It consists of 85 active members with Dianah, our JMfA English teacher as the head.

Thanks to numerous donations we could provide a set of T-shirts for the members of the English Club.