The Goat Project

The goat project has been developed as a runner meanwhile. Since the beginning 750 goats have been distributed to women of the Kirinda region. The project works according to the principle that every first little baby goat has to be given to the next woman on the list. All further little goat kids stay with the owner. The list had been made by E.P.R. As all women of the close Kirinda region, who were on this list, meanwhile got their own goat the distribution is expanded to Ingabire village which belongs to the larger Kirinda region after the restructuring process of E.P.R. And there are still lots of women on the list waiting for a goat.

Who is interested in donating a goat?

By the way, a goat is a perfect birthday present for a friend or relative.

What’s the price of a goat?

EUR 35 (once)

Who gains a profit?

Single women in Rwanda. The goat delivers milk, fertilizer and baby goats and thus leads to a sustainable improvement of life quality for women and their children.

What is my profit?

A beautiful button with our goat project logo and a donation receipt.

Where do I get more information?

Send an email to

How can I donate?

Just transfer € 35.00 to our donation account on the right with the reference „Goat Project“.