Looking for Constructors

New department „Construction“ at the IPK

Since Januar 2019 we have had 3 classes ( Senior 4 - 6 ) in this area with a total of 109 students in the field of construction.

The number of 24 young women in total is particularly pleasing.

In November 2019 the students of class 6 passed the national exam. We are very curious whether all students have passed the exams.

We will inform you as soon as the results are available in February/March 2020.

With this new education branch in the senior classes of the Secondary School Kirinda we can make a major contribution to solve the problem of youth unemployment in this very rural region.

We would like to offer a professional education in 'Construction' to all students of the upper classes and to make students aware of practical apprenticeship and training.

Our targets:

To give young people in and around Kirinda the chance for a profound professional education with job guarantee and, respectively, to offer preference to a technical training in a branch with great demand instead of academic studies.
Based on the experiences in Ruhango and Butare we will start with 30 students in the first year. The medium-term plans are to have 3 classes with 30 students each per year.

Results expected:

  • Qualified male and female master-builders with certificate "Construction Master" in Kirinda
  • Improvement of the infrastructure in the local regions
  • Support of the entrepreneur culture by setting up of small, independent, local construction companies in Kirinda
  • Increasing rate of graduates working in employment in local construction companies as well as in international firms active in Rwanda

A considerable start-up capital (EUR 10,000) will be required for establishing this new education branch "Construction" at the IPK with an additional building and the equipment for class rooms and workshops.

For the special lessons a qualified teacher (a trainer with special skills in construction) will be necessary 1 – 2 times per week for the beginning. The medium-term plans provide a full-time trainer job. The costs for salary will be borne by IPK.

Based on different fundraising actions (charity cooking session, betterplace.org, donations from different foundations and companies etc.) JMFA could already collect the majority of the money needed and could dispose the start-up capital for constructing the new building and for buying necessary materials.

At the same time the new education branch will be registered at the Ministry of Education. As soon as buildings are erected and the workshops are set up the ministry will check for approval and the lessons can start. There is a close connection to the schools in Ruhango and Butare so that their local experiences can find consideration in Kirinda’s curriculum. Additionally these 3 schools will be in close contact to construction companies to help the young people gaining practical experience during their training. 

As to be seen on the photos the construction of the new workshop building is in a very advanced progress and in December 2016 the necessary tools and instruments could be bought. With the start of the new semester on January 23, 2017 our first class of constructors, comprising 36 students, could be opened. We are very proud of the fast realization of this department which could be achieved by the appreciated support of the Mirja-Sachs-Foundation, the Lux Foundation, our benefit event, and by our numerous private donators.

Many thanks to all of you and good luck and success to all our students. We are looking forward to the following school years.


And, of course, we will keep you informed about the progress.