Objects and Tasks


We stand up for the dignity of the people and to make sure that culture and ways of living of everybody will be respected. We consider this fee from ethnics, religion, nationality and world views of the people involved.

we support disadvantaged people, especially women and children with no parents in order to enable them a self-determined life.

we encourage the possibilities for education of children and juveniles (elemetary education) in these regions.

We advance intercultural dialogue and exchange between Germany and Rwanda.


We initiate and support, besides others, projects in the fields of

  • Home- and Agricultural Economics
  • Education
  • Infrastructure

Besides, we arrange numerous school-sponsorships in secondary school.

We accompany the projects on basis of intensive, vivid partnership between the cultures entitled to the same rights. The main target of all projects is the responsibility of the local people. They have to convert and maintain the projects on their own with some help from experts. In order to ensure the success of the outcome there is our local rwandan coordinator, Miss Francine Musabeyezu, who is regularly surveying and reporting the facts.

Moreover, we inform and sensitize on German and Rwandan sides by means of events and public relations.