Congratulations to the finishers of the Secondary School

Here are the names of the best students of the academic year 2014. We are proud of:

1.MUSHIMIYIMANA Jeannette (Senior Six Accountancy)
2.NSHIMYIMANA Jackson (Senior Four Accountancy)
3.UWAMAHORO Olivier (Senior Five Accountancy)
4.NKINGI Theobard (Senior Five Accountancy)
5.SHUKURU Pascal (Senior Four Computer Science)
6.MUKESHIMANA Lea (Senior Five Accountancy)
7.TUYISHIME Chantal (Senior Five Computer Science)

Last year 55 students could be financially supported by sponsorships. And we are very happy to announce that there are again large numbers of sponsorships for the 2015 school fees for students of the secondary school.

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Primary School

In primary school the base for a good education for children is built. But inspite of all education we will never forget the fun.

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