Children's Power

The Kindergarten

In addition to these positive news  there are some more positive changes. Last year new jobs could be given to more personnel, i.e. at present we have 3 kindergarden teachers and 3 assistants and we were able to open one more class. Our 3 kindergarden teachers (two females and 1 male) attended several advanced trainings at the kindergarden "Ecole Etoile" in Rubengera which has been improving the quality of the lessons considerably so far and helped the kindergarden to achieve a very good reputation in Kirinda area.

Moreover we installed a fence around the kindergarden territory last year. This creates an area of retreat for the kindergarden children away of the primary school pupils.

The costs for the fence amounted to € 2,000 and could be paid from donations. The maintenance is on behalf of  E.P.R. Kirinda.

But it is not only necessary to give a good education to the children, it is important to support the parents as well. So we had a meeting in Kindergarden Kirinda this April during which we handled the following topics: hygiene, opening hours, fees, uniforms, and electing the parents' council. Many parents, 5 employees, the priest, and Francine, our coordinator, attended this meeting. Since mid of january 2017 approx. 135 children attend the nursery School at Kirinda.